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Whitewater SUP Dan Gavere

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions customized for riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Dan's expertise and knowledge combined with prime locations, and conditions will help you start your journey toward becoming a self-sufficient rider, or simply unlocking doors to faster progression and more fun on the water.  Book now for best availability!

Aaron Sales first time Wing Foiling 2019 with Dan Gavere.jpeg

"Dan was great... very good at teaching wind winging! Dan knowledge of the wind and the river will help with learning further on my own. Great gear to learn on and very enjoyable! Thanks Dan"

Robert Madda

Whitewater SUP Instruction_ Dan Gavere & Urban Ocean SUP

Wow!  I  could have saved myself a lot of swimming and bruises if I had found you sooner.   Highly recommend anyone looking to get into the sport take a lesson with you. 

Martin  Otterway

"I was up and flying in one lesson thanks to Dan"

Oliver  P.

Dan Gavere Wing Foil Lesson Columbia River

Highly recommend taking a lesson with Dan Gavere. The headsets he uses to provide coaching allowed me to ask questions and get instructions even when he was not right next to me. 

Kristin Radke

Whitewater SUP Lesson Ottawa River| Dan Gavere
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