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 Wing Foiling 

     1-0n-1 Wing instruction is offered daily at 11:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm in the Gorge. 

                                                2 hours $350  

Hood River Wing Foil Lesson

Wing Foil 101
Foundation Lesson

Get started wing foiling on a foil board.

This lesson will cover safe Wing handling, sailing basics, self-rescue, and wing flip on land before getting on the river. 

Once on the water the class will cover the  following skills needed to get up and start riding:

Sailing in each direction Staying upwind

Shallow/deep water remount

Self recovery/rescue 

Deep water remount

Changing direction/turning around

Safe launching and landing practices

Safe gear handling 

Personal gear tuning and buying recommendations

No prior experience with board riding required

Ready to Wing Foil Lesson Windy Hood River.png
Wing Foil Lesson with Dan Gavere

Wing Foil 2.0
Progression Session

Got your basics figured out and now you're ready to fly?  This is the next step in the rung of progression and will unlock the skills needed to get you up on foil and riding consistently on your own.  The skills covered will focus on getting onto foil and staying up on foil: 

Pumping techniques

Weight transfer tips

Board trim techniques

Riding toeside

Safe falling techniques

Riding downwind

Changing foot directions

Gibe and tack turns

Specific skill requests

Identifying challenges offering options for physical limitations or injuries


Pre-requisite: Riders should be able to deep water remount, ride in both directions & stay upwind (in taxi mode/not on foil)

"Winging, Wing Surfing, Wing Riding, Wing Boarding,Wing Surfer, Air Wing, Kite Wing, Slingwing, Wing Foil, Foil Wing, Wind Wing, Wind Dinging, Hand wing, Wing thing...

Whatever you want to call it, it's the best new way to ride the wind."- Dan Gavere

Wing FUNdamentals 

I this initial introduction to Wing Riding, we will cover the concepts of sailing (the wind clock), dry land basics of handling the wing, wing positioning, board skills, footwork (sailing starboard and port directions), the tach, and the basics for sailing a "reach" and staying upwind.  In the first lesson, we will use the appropriately sized wing (depending on wind speed) along with a special wing board that does not have a hydrofoil (wide sup board).  Using a stable SUP board will allow the student to focus on the wing handling and the best practices needed to generate speed, control the board direction, learn to gybe, and stay upwind.  Once the student can proficiently display these skills we can move on to the next step where we add the hydrofoil board.  Once the student can proficiently display these skills we can move on to the next step in the lesson progression where we add the hydrofoil board.  

Equipment supplied with a lesson:  Helmet, PFD, board, wing, leashes.

Price: $250.00/2 Hours

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