Dan Gavere SUP Lesson Ohio

Stroke and Technique Clinic

for Fun and Efficiency  1.5 hrs


If you love paddle boarding already but are unsure of how to use your skills to get a great workout, then this is for you.  Developing your forward stroke, turning skills, and footwork, this clinic will focus on creative ways to use your board in a fun and challenging new way.  Mixed up with fun drills and excercises this will be a great way to take your paddling to the next level and get your heart rate up.    

PFD's and leashes required

Raceboards recommended

SUP Racing 1.5


This clinic will focus on what it takes to have the perfect race day from pre-race prep, equipment selection/sizing and tuning, to beach and water starts, pacing, drafting, and finishing.   He will go over the basics of race strokes and techniques including analyzing each persons forward stroke and how to improve power and efficiency.  Dan will also teach different styles of buoy turns, the choke down stroke, the bow draw, and how to generate more power by using the legs. Come join one of the most versatile SUP paddlers in the world in this unique opportunity to have the best race day possible.

$90 Per Person


PFD's and leashes required

Raceboards recommended 

SUP Surfing Carolina Cup,NC

Intro to Ocean Racing 1.5 hours


Have you done flatwater racing and are interested in taking your skills to the ocean?  Are you afraid of the waves and handling a large board in surf conditions?   Well then, Dan Gavere’s Introduction to Ocean Racing will give you the basic skills and information necessary to try your first ocean race and to take your ocean racing skills to the next level with confidence.  Dan will focus on beach starts and getting out safely through the waves, as well as beach landings and safely controlling a race board in the surf zone.  Dan will provide instruction and demonstrations for rough water racing methods including best practices for paddling technique, board control, and footwork needed in open and rough water situations.  A quick review of your personal equipment and evaluation of technique with individual critiques tailored to each participant's skill level.  There is a good chance that participants will be getting wet and falling in the water so please come prepared to get the most out of this unique experience by wearing the appropriate gear.


A minimum of 10hrs flat water paddling experience is recommended prior to this course.

Board, paddle, pfd, leash are the minimum required items.   We recommend a wetsuit/drysuit and the appropriate gear to stay warm when wet. 

$125 per person

PFD's and leashes required

Displacement boards recommended for aspiring racers and surf style round nose boards for the less experienced.  

GORGE One-on-one downwinding tour/lesson.

Dan will cover the techniques described above in the Downwinding clinic and also provide a Safe and Fun route dwonwind through the Gorge.  Depending paddlers ability, current water levels, and wind conditions this tour could start on the Oregon side or the Washington side of the river and ranges from 2 to 7 miles in distance.  

Pre requisite:  A minimum of 10 hours paddling in open water and 2 hours paddling in downwind conditions


PFD's and leashes required

Raceboards recommended


Private one-on-one clinics 1 hour


Get the most out of a Dan Gavere clinic through his one-on-one instructional sessions.  From technical forward stroke analysis to whatever particular skill you may choose to focus on Dan will give you the information, demonstration, good practices, and tuning needed to refine your paddling and take your skills to the next level.  

PFD's and leashes required

Raceboards recommended

SUP Instructor Certification



WSUPA and WPA courses available upon request.  Please email for availbility and details.  

Downwinding Clinic Intermediate to Advanced 1.5 hrs


Dan will provide effective stroke timing and route planning stategies for effective down paddling. Footwork techniques and perfect board trimming basics are concepts that will also be covered.  

Pre requisite:  A minimum of 10 hours paddling in open water


PFD's and leashes required

Raceboards recommended

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