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Intro to SUP Foiling 

 Foil 1.0 

Learning to foil SUP in either the waves or in downwind conditions takes serious commitment and has its own new set of techniques and safety considerations.  Dan has created a system that is sure to get you up and flying in no time.  Starting behind a boat or personal watercraft using tested and high-quality gear along with Dan's personal instruction gives each participant the maximum chance of learning to foil on the first session.  Using larger foils and slow speeds each participant gets a chance to master the basics of keeping the board "on foil".  This clinic will get more granular in the fine points of establishing a plane on foil, pitch control, roll center stabilization, and safe falling techniques.  By the end of the lesson, participants should be ready to start learning on their own or choose to take foil 2.0

$350.00/up to 2 people

includes (board, paddle, pdf, helmet)

*Does not include boat rental


Foil Lesson Foiling
Foilbord Surfing Oregon
Foil SUP Downwind Hood River, Oregon

Foil 2.0


Are you ready to take your foil boarding into the waves on the ocean or to the "Gorge" for a downwind?  Dan has a proven one on one system of instruction that is designed to be safe and take you through the steps needed to get the board planning and up on the foil for extended flights.  Using a personal watercraft your time spent "flying" will be optimized. Utilizing state of the art waterproof helmet mounted communication system the link between pupil and instructor allows for 2-way communication and great acceleration in the learning curve.  


$350.00/person one on one instruction.

 (board, paddle, pdf, helmet)

*Does not include boat rental.   

Foil Lesson| Dan Gavere| Foiling Lesson
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