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Whitewater  SUP 

              1-0n-1 Whitewater instruction is offered daily at 8:00am 

                                                2 hours $350  


Hood River Wing Foil Lesson

Whitewater SUP 101
Foundation Lesson

Intro to Whitewater SUP will give you the foundation of knowledge to start paddling and navigating basic class 1-2 rapids. This course delivers a solid foundation for paddling whitewater with applicable techniques that will take you from feeling intimidated to confident with a simple progression and flow of techniques to gain success at SUP paddling on the river.  Reading whitewater, dangers to avoid, best lines to look for, eddy catching, peel-outs, safe falling, paddling, bracing, and stance techniques will all be covered in this course.   


Pre-Requiste:  Paddlers must have at least 10 hours of flatwater stand up paddling and feel confident remounting their board from deep water.

Whitewater SUP Lesson DG Hood River.jpeg
DG Whitewater SUP Lesson Hood River.jpeg

Whitewater SUP 2.0
Progression Session

This clinic will focus on the river running techniques that will take you from surviving the river to feeling confident paddling it.  Heavy on the technical paddling side with a focus on dissecting the eddy in and peel out techniques, ferry maneuvers and breaking down the nuances, and creating the best practices for navigating rivers from the Putin to the takeout.  


Pre-Requiste:  Whietwater SUP 101 and

"I love being on the whitewater because it's always changing" - Dan Gavere

River SUP Surfing

Focusing on river surfing techniques that range from mastering the front surf to carving, ollies, and flat spins. This clinic requires proficiency in eddy catching and ferry prowess to catch and maximize wave time.  

Price: $350.00/2 Hours including shuttle time to the wave. ( Water Level Dependant) Contact to book

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