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Whitewater  SUP Clinics 


Intro to Whitewater SUP

Intro to Whitewater SUP will give you the foundation of knowledge to start paddling and navigating basic class 1-2 rapids. This course delivers a solid foundation for paddling whitewater with applicable techniques that will take you from feeling intimidated to confident with a simple progression and flow of techniques to gain success at SUP paddling on the river.  Reading whitewater, dangers to avoid, best lines to look for, eddy catching, peel-outs, safe falling, paddling, bracing, and stance techniques will all be covered in this course.   


Paddlers must have at least 10 hours of flatwater sup paddling and feel confident remounting their board from deep water.


$300 2.0 hrs 

 2 students max/


Whitewater SUP River Running


This clinic will focus on the river running techniques that will take you from surviving the river to feeling confident paddling it.  Heavy on the technical paddling side with a focus on dissecting the eddy in and peel out techniques, ferry maneuvers and breaking down the nuances, and creating the best practices for navigating rivers from the Putin to the takeout.  Paddlers should have a minimum of an Intro to Whitewater course and/or 10 hours of whitewater experience.


$350.00/ 3-4 hours with shuttle 

Whitewater SUP Ottawa
Whitewater SUP Ottawa
Whitewater SUP White Salmon, WA

Whitewater River SUP Surfing


Focusing on river surfing techniques that range from mastering the front surf to carving, ollies, and flat spins. This clinic requires proficiency in eddy catching and ferry prowess to catch and maximize wave time.  


$300 2 hours 

Dan Gavere SUP Surf

2-Day Whitewater SUP Clinic 


This is the perfect clinic for those looking to get their first stand up paddle experience in the river environment and build confidence by learning all aspects of navigating whitewater safely using the proper techniques.  After this weekend's clinic participants should feel confident to paddle class 1/2 whitewater sections of river without the need of an instructor and safely kick start their future of whitewater sup paddling.


Day 1 will focus on safety in and around the river including areas to avoid, equipment, and basic paddling skills. 

We will meet at the river location and stay in one spot for the day.  Utilizing one area on the river makes learning the basic techniques easier to grasp and less intimidating than not knowing what's coming around every corner, not being able to pull over and stop, and becoming exposed to excessive swimming and intimidating situations. Here we will cover the basics of eddy turns, ferry maneuvers, bracing techniques, footwork and board positioning, safe falling/remounting the board methods, and safe swimming techniques in an area that paddlers can get comfortable with.  This builds confidence and allows each paddler to learn the most important first skills which is being able to use the river and its current to their advantage.  


Day 2 will focus on what was learned on day 1 and apply it to navigating rapids safely from top to bottom and the basics of completing a "whitewater run" or section of river from the "put-in" to the "take out" several miles downstream.  Rapids ranging from moving water to class 2 will provide a fun and challenging day on the river with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of river conditions.  Participants can expect to be traveling downstream through rapids with several stops along the way where we will discuss and practice everything an individual needs to navigate a section of river independently without the need of a guide.  This will include line selection, areas to avoid/dangers, eddy turns, ferries, midstream direction changes, footwork, and bracing.  This particular stretch of the river consists of medium-volume rapids and participants will enjoy some of the amazing scenery and wildlife known to this whitewater-rich region.   



Price:  $600 

Time: 3-4 hours per day including shuttle


Prerequisites: The willingness to have fun and not be afraid of falling off a sup board, a minimum of 10 hrs flatwater SUP experience.  Each participant should be proficient at paddling straight on flatwater, forward and reverse sweep turns, and crossbow turns, and have very strong swimming skills.

Equipment is available for rent by request.


Whitewater SUP White Salmon, Washington
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