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Wing/Foiling Instruction  

"Winging, Wing boarding, Wing Riding, Wing Surfing, Wing-Surfer, Air Wing, Kite Wing, Slingwing, Wing Foil,  Foil Wing, Wing Wing, Wind Dinging, Handwing Surfing, Wing thing...

Whatever you want to call the Wing, it's the best new way to ride the wind."  Dan Gavere

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Intro to Wing Riding

In this initial introduction to Wing Riding, we will cover the concepts of sailing (the wind clock), dry land basics of handling the wing, wing positioning, board skills, footwork (sailing starboard and port directions), the tach, and the basics for sailing a "reach" and staying upwind.  In the first lesson, we will use the appropriately sized wing (depending on wind speed) along with a special wing board that does not have a hydrofoil (wide sup board).  Using the Easy and Stable SUP board will allow the student to focus on the wing handling and the best practices needed to generate speed, control the board direction, learn to gybe, and stay upwind.  Once the student can proficiently display these skills we can move on to the next step where we add the hydrofoil board.  Once the student can proficiently display these skills we can move on to the next step in the lesson progression where we add the hydrofoil board.  

Equipment supplied with a lesson:  Helmet, PFD, board, wing, leashes.

Price: $200.00/2 Hours

Recommended for those who do not have any prior board riding or wind sports experience, or have no interest in the hydrofoil and would enjoy riding a more stable and steady sup-style board with no hydrofoil fin attached.  

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Wing Foil Lessons


Dan's one-on-one Introductory wing foiling course will start on land to cover safety, general sailing concepts, analyzing the conditions, overall concepts of foil wing handling, and choosing the proper sized gear.

Once on the water, you will be sailing under the power of the wing going back and forth (taxi mode) while you master the basics of wing handling, going from kneeling to standing, positioning on the board, sailing at a "reach", turning up/down-wind, turning around(gybe/tack) and self-rescue.  

As you progress and start taking your first flights up on the hydrofoil, the next steps will be footwork, riding goofy/regular, finding the "sweet spot" to place the feet, and how to control the "pitch and roll" of a hydrofoil. Dan provides live coaching using a helmet system with 2-way radio for seamless communications between Dan and the student.  Dan is one of the pioneers of the sport in the Gorge, and he's created a reliable roadmap to becoming a proficient wing foiler.


Available daily

11:00 AM

2:00 PM

5:00 PM

2 Hours



& Holidays


Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

Dan will be on the water with you riding and guiding you through the Gorge's Best locations.  From toeside riding to down winding, jumping, or transitions Dan can meet you where you are at with your current skillset, and provide the instruction needed to get you to the next level or develop the next skill you want to master.    

Pre-req:  Must be able to stay upwind and foil in at least one direction.

$300-2 hours (all days of the week)

(includes all necessary equipment and communication-enabled helmets)

Hood River Wing Foil Lesson
Wing Foil Lessons, The Hook Hood River, Oregon
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