"Winging, Wing boarding, Wing Riding, Wing Surfing, Wing-Surfer, Air Wing, Kite Wing, Slingwing, Crosswing, Wing Foil, Foil Wing, Wind Dinging, Wing thing...Whatever you want to call the Wing, it's the best new way to ride the wind."  Dan Gavere

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Sepetmber 2021

Intro to Wing Riding

Learning this awesome new sport starts with a basic understanding of sailing, wind direction, and the ability to confidently swim and handle rough water conditions.  Interested individuals will need to start with the Intro to Wing Riding lesson (unless they are already a proficient foiler, kiteboarder, or windsurfer that can deep water start and stay upwind)  

In this initial introduction to Wing Riding, we will cover the concepts of sailing (the wind clock), dry land basics of handling the wing, wing positioning, board skills, footwork (sailing starboard and port directions), the tach, and the basics for sailing a "reach" and staying upwind.  In the first lesson, we will use the appropriately sized wing (depending on wind speed) along with a special wing board that does not have a hydrofoil (basically a wide inflatable sup board with a central fin).  Using the special wing board will allow the student to focus on the wing handling and the best practices needed to generate speed, control the board direction, learning to gybe, and stay upwind.  Once the student can proficiently display these skills we can move on to the next step where we add the hydrofoil board.  During all of our wing lessons, your instructor will be within a safe distance for effective communication and safety. Once the student can proficiently display these skills we can move on to the next step in the lesson progression where we add the hydrofoil board. 


Equipment supplied with a lesson:  Helmet, pfd, board, wing, leashes.

Pre-requisites:  strong swimmer


2 Hours


Intro to Wing Foiling 

Wing Foil board Riding Lesson


Learn how to harness the wind and discover an exciting new way to have fun on the water.  Learning this new sport is simple and fun. There is nothing that compares to the feeling you get while riding effortlessly across the water with a foil wing.    


This is the ultimate introduction to Wing Foiling in a safe and easy way. Using a progressive step-by-step system of teaching that is fun and guaranteed to get you up and riding quickly.

During your lesson, you will learn the basics of foil wing riding including, wing control, self-rescue, steering techniques, board handling skills, footwork, and other key techniques that are required to become proficient.  



Strong swimming skills and a positive attitude.

Students are required to have their own wetsuit and booties.


Private Lesson Price: 

$300 2 hours  1 Lesson

$550 4 hours  2 Lesson Package

$750 6 hours  3 Lesson Package

$1000 8 Hour 4 Lesson Package


Included gear:  PFD, Helmet, Wing, Wrist leash, Hydrofoil and board, board leash.  (Damage to equipment will be charged at a repair cost of $75/inch of ripped or broken materials)

Wing Foil Lesson| Dan Gavere| Hood River
Wing Foil Lesson_ Dan Gavere Hood River
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