Dan Gavere Foil Wing Lessons, Hood River

Foil Wing Instruction

Hand-Held Wing Foilboard Riding Instruction (I.E. Foilwing, Wingsurfer, Slingwing, etc)

Private One-On-One Instruction


Learn how to harness the wind and discover an exciting new way to have fun on the water.  Learning this new sport is simple and fun. There is nothing that compares to the feeling you get while riding effortlessly across the water with a foil wing.    


This is the ultimate introduction to learn the sport in a safe and easy way. I use a progressive step by step system of teaching that is fun and is guaranteed to get you up and riding quickly.

During your lesson you will learn the basics of foil wing riding including, wing control, self-rescue, steering techniques, board handling skills, footwork, and other key techniques that are required to become proficient.  


Price:  $100.00/hour (minimum 2 hours) 


Strong swimming skills and a positive attitude.   

Remick-Washington Says

'I just had a wing foil lesson from Dan.  What an exhilarating fun watersport and a great instructor. My experience is with SUP boards and downwinding on the Columbia River and Puget Sound for the past 10 years. Since I have no experience in kiteboarding or windsurfing, taking this lesson made me really nervous.  I will tell you right from the start– it was so worth it.  Trying it on your own without any instructions would be crazy.  Dan provided just enough instructions so that it didn’t get overwhelming and yet enough to get you moving within 10 – 15 minutes.  Granted, I wasn’t doing turns or things like that but got the basic idea in handling the wing and standing up on the board and moving.  Expect to fall and expend a lot of energy in understanding the nuances but it is worth the lesson.  I have had lessons in other sports and I would rank Dan at the top of the list for instructors.  He is a superman in watersports yet is able to bring his knowledge and experience down to a lower level which I appreciated.  I am jazzed now to get a wing and put the lesson to good use."  

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